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Body by Vi helps Obese Teen Bethany to Lose Weight

Body by Vi helps Obese Teen Bethany to Lose Weight

Body by Vi has been in the press again this week – this time in The Sun newspaper.

Teenager Bethany Churcher who weighed in at 32 stone was told by her GP that she had just 6-12 months left to live if she didn’t do something about her weight.  Beyond the help of diets, Bethany was advised to have weight loss surgery and since her op she has lost 17 stone (and counting) and is feeling and looking much healthier.

Bethany has set up a charity called the B.O.O. (Battle On Obesity) Foundation to educate young people who are suffering with obesity and has also teamed up with the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge to try to help people before they get to the stage of needing weight loss surgery.

Along with the health risks associated with obesity, there are other problems such as bullying and low self-esteem; with this in mind the charity is there to support young people through these difficult times. You can find out more about the B.O.O. charity on Facebook:

I think Bethany is an amazing young lady and wish her every success! You can read the full story below:

Bethany Churcher - Body by Vi

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